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Keeping indoor spaces and products at the right temperature, with expert installation and maintenance of your commercial AC and refrigeration systems from Pinder Cooling & Heating.

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Panasonic nanoe™X: the purification revolution

The latest in purification technology that supports air conditioning systems. The nanoeX ioniser is highly effective at blocking common bacteria, viruses, odours and allergens.

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Creating a better indoor environment for your premises, all year round.

Barrels of beer

Cellar room cooling systems that won’t let you, or your beer, down

It’s vital to keep your cask and keg beers at the perfect temperature, as well as looking after your other beverages. At Pinder, our engineers make sure you get the ideal cooling system for your cellar.

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Comprehensive refrigeration services in Bradford and beyond

Walk-in commercial refrigerators and freezer rooms are key for keeping your produce at the right temperature. Our team of engineers can install, maintain and repair cold rooms that you can rely on to store your goods at a temperature that keeps them safe and high quality.

Planned Maintenance

Taking care of your air conditioning and cooling systems with planned maintenance

It’s easy to overlook the vital systems that keep our businesses running while they seem to be doing their job. But without regular service and maintenance, these systems can stop being efficient and start costing you money.

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Repairing your vital AC and cooling systems around the clock.

If the worst has happened and your business air conditioning systems or business refrigeration systems are in need of emergency repair, our team of engineers are on call in West Yorkshire 24/7.

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Without regular service and maintenance, air conditioning systems can stop being efficient and start costing you money.

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You’re always in safe hands with Pinder Cooling & Heating

When it comes to our clients and their cooling systems, we know what matters most; advice you can trust, products that are right and a service you can rely on. From air conditioner installations to commercial refrigeration repairs and more, when you choose to work with Pinder, you’re choosing peace of mind for your business.

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Case studies

View our real solutions and see how Pinder Cooling can Help you with your next project.

Pump & Motor Refurbishment At Stockeld Park

Stockeld Park

Location: Wetherby

Air Conditioning Repairs

Airedale House

Location: Leeds

Air Conditioning

Barrels of beer

Kirkstall Brewery

Location: Leeds

Commercial Refrigeration