Efficient Cellar Cooling Systems

For the perfect beer that your customers keep coming back for, you need high quality, reliable cellar cooling systems.

Cellar cooling units designed to meet your business needs

To keep your cask beer fresh and your keg beer flowing through your taps, it’s vital that your cellar cooling equipment is maintaining a constant temperature in your beer cellar, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our experienced engineers know how to evaluate and survey your premises, so you can rest assured you’ll be getting beer cellar cooling systems that are ideal for your cellar.

Cellar Cooling Installation

We supply and install high-quality equipment from industry-leading manufacturers such as J & E Hall, Beermaster, Hubbard and Marstair. With nationwide coverage you know you’re getting a service and system you can rely on all year.

Our experienced engineers are able to provide a bespoke design and installation of new energy-efficient cellar cooling systems to meet your requirements and aim to complete the installation with minimal disruption to your business.

Systems are fully installed and come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Pinder Cooling is also able to supply and install refrigeration equipment for the licence trade including bar fridges, keg cooling cabinets and other equipment essential to serving products at the right temperature.

What is cellar cooling?

Cellar cooling is a refrigeration system that creates a cold room environment for chilled storage.

It is typically used in the hospitality industry to keep drinks (typically alcoholic drinks) at the correct temperature to avoid them spoiling in beer or wine cellars.

How do cellar cooling systems work?

Cellar cooling systems are typically split into two parts, the Evaporator (indoors) and the Condensing Unit (outdoors).

The Evaporator unit (indoors) contains a coil of pipework which works like a radiator in reverse, so rather than hot water being passed through the pipes to give out heat, a chilled liquid refrigerant passes through the coil to keep the cellar air temperature as cool as required.

A fan inside the Evaporator unit works continuously to pull in cellar air across the cold coil and then re-circulate it back into the room.

The second unit (outdoors) is the Condensing Unit. When heat is taken from the cellar air by the liquid refrigerant, the liquid expands and becomes a gas which is pumped to the condensing unit outside. Here, the refrigerant gas is compressed back into a liquid state causing the release of heat to the outside atmosphere, assisted by another fan.

If required, the now cold liquid refrigerant is pumped back to the indoor Evaporator coil ready for another cycle. Sensors which detect the cellar air temperature turn the Condensing Unit on or off to keep the room at the ideal temperature.

Ambient Cellar Cooling

Ambient beer coolers can work with new and existing cooling systems to make use of colder outdoor temperatures (typically 8 degrees C) to cool the cellar at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems and is also a greener way of regulating cellar temperature.

We can supply and install J&E Hall Ambient Beer Coolers. To find out more read our guide to ambient beer coolers, or contact us to find out more about J&E Hall cellar cooling.

Cellar Cooling Maintenance

Following installation (whether by us or not) we are able to provide a planned maintenance schedule. Regular maintenance keeps your cellar cooling equipment running at an optimal level, reducing the risk of breakdown and extending the life of the system.

Find out more about our planned maintenance service.

Cellar Cooling Repairs

Should the worst happen and your cellar cooling equipment breaks down, our expert engineers are able to get you back up and running quickly.

With extensive knowledge of a wide range of cellar cooling systems, and common parts and fittings carried with us, our engineers are able to repair your cooling units quickly.

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