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When you need an emergency AC repair, our engineers get your system back up and running, fast.

24/7 commercial air conditioning repairs in Bradford

Your system needs urgent attention to get it back up and running as quickly as possible, and to reduce the impact of the breakdown on your business. That’s why our 24-hour air conditioning repair service is here; so our engineers are available to carry out your repairs in Bradford and throughout West Yorkshire when you need them the most.

Repairs such as water leaks, blocked coils or filters can usually be addressed on the first visit. Our engineers are F Gas Registered and are able to repair major air conditioning brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu & Panasonic.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs In Bradford

We provide commercial air conditioning repairs in Bradford, including server rooms. Working in a wide-variety of industries and sectors, we are able to repair air conditioning faults at a wide-range of commercial properties across the north of England. Some of our industries include:

  • Health & fitness
  • Office
  • Warehousing
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial & manufacturing
  • Care Homes
  • Retail

If your business is in need of commercial air conditioning repairs, contact us.

Domestic Air Conditioning Repairs In Bradford

We provide domestic air conditioning repairs in Bradford and across the north of England. We work with a range of air conditioning brands in properties of all shapes and sizes. If your air conditioner is in need of repair or maintenance, contact Pinder Cooling to discuss your requirements.

Common air conditioning faults & repairs that we fix

    • Water leakage: Leaking water is one of the most common faults. Usually this is caused by the ac unit not being serviced, or the condensate pump failing. A regular air conditioning service will help you avoid this.
    • Loss of performance: Not having the air conditioning unit maintained will lead to reduced performance through grime build up. Poor performance will also lead to increased running costs. Regular servicing will keep your air con system running at peak performance. Our cost effective planned maintenance packages will do just that.
    • Your unit freezes: If your unit freezes up contact us to repair your air conditioning.
    • Stale odours: if you are experiencing odours or bad smells from your air conditioning system, contact us. If you don’t have your system regularly maintained, you can get a build of bacteria on the coils that can only be removed by chemicals.
    • Increased energy bills: Blockages in your air conditioning system will result in increased strain on your system as it works to provide adequate heating or cooling. An unexpected increase in your energy bills maybe an indicator of a need for a repair.
    • Refrigerant gas leak: Your Air Conditioning System comes pre-charged with refrigerant gas. An air conditioning recharge should only occur if there has been a gas leak. Speak to us about an air con recharge and your responsibilities if you have had an F gas leak.
    • Not heating or cooling: If your air conditioning system is neither heating nor cooling, it might be an indication of an F gas leak.
    • Unusual noises: If either of the outdoor or indoor unit is making strange or louder noise than usual, it may mean that the fan motor needs replacing. A failed condensate pump might also result in a louder than usual noise. Both could lead to system failure and early repair is essential to avoid down time.

Air conditioner error codes

If your air conditioning is displaying an error code, you can find what it means below:

Daikin Air Conditioning Error Codes

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Error Codes

Is your equipment due a healthcheck?

We’ve created an air conditioning health check to help you find out if your equipment is running at maximum efficiency, and if not, why not. Air conditioning health checks are vital to keeping optimal performance and longevity of your equipment.

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