Love Is In The Air Conditioning This Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2022

Why we’re urging restaurateurs to give their heating systems some love in time for the Valentine’s Day rush

Eateries are counting down to one of their busiest times of the year around February 14th and nothing should be left to chance.

Here at Pinder Cooling & Heating, we’re advising restaurants and bars to give their heating systems a free and simple health check to avoid the air turning blue at what should be the steamiest time of the year.

According to Restaurant Technology News, restaurant sales on average increase by 65% at Valentine’s Day and, in 2019, loved-up Brits spent £391 million in bars and restaurants on the day itself.

According to Finder, the UK is predicted to spend a whopping £1.37 billion on Valentine’s Day 2022 and the team at Pinder Cooling want to ensure restaurants don’t go cold on those looking for love.

What our founder had to say

Our founder Andrew Pinder said: “The hospitality industry has had it tough this last two years and with enforced closures and businesses having to cut costs the maintenance of heating systems and air conditioning may have been neglected.

“It’s a false economy not to maintain boilers and heating equipment and the last thing anyone running a restaurant or hospitality business wants is for the heating to fail on Valentine’s Day.

“To avoid losing that loving feeling we would urge restaurants to make use of our free online health check service before the big day.”

Try our health checks

Our specialist team has created a free online health check that allows those responsible for checking the equipment to run their own diagnostic and alert them to any potential problems.

In the Air Conditioning Health Check, responders will be able to identify whether there are any issues with their air conditioning units and receive tips to carry out safe maintenance tasks themselves.

In the Commercial Refrigeration Health Check, responders will be able to assess whether any of their refrigeration equipment is showing signs of failure and again, receive tips to carry out safe maintenance tasks themselves.

We believe that running these checks before a busy period like Valentine’s Day can provide peace of mind to the owners who can open their doors to customers knowing their service will remain excellent throughout.

Equipment maintenance is essential

In the longer-term Andrew said restaurants should make sure they had equipment maintenance contracts so that any issues could be picked up and resolved before a system breakdown.

With many bars and restaurants working at a lower capacity throughout the pandemic, Andrew has warned that suddenly turning up the heat to cope with a full restaurant may put pressure on the system and accelerate any undetected issues, leading to costly repairs.

He added: “We know that many businesses simply do not have the funds to prioritize maintenance right now and can only think about keeping their doors open.

“That’s exactly why we want to offer this free health check, so businesses are not caught out with unexpected repair bills that could cost them a busy period that is likely to be a lifeline right now.”