Pinder’s Expansion into Healthcare Sector with Trio of Client Wins

June 3, 2021

Our team of Commercial refrigeration and air conditioning specialists have won a trio of hospital contracts, boosting our presence within the UK healthcare sector.

As a firm, we first broke into the healthcare sector in 2018 with a small repair contract, but we will now complete maintenance and installation projects withinat least 15 hospitals across the UK.

The portfolio increase is thanks to newly established relationships and contracts with Pall Mall Medical, Specialist Refurbishment Services and Northern Mechanical Services.

Via a three-year contract with Pall Mall Medical, our team will be responsible for maintaining and repairing internal air-conditioning and ventilation units within three private hospitals located in North West England.

The contract with Specialist Refurbishment Services, which is headed up by account manager Paul Hancock, will involve the installation of various new heating, cooling and refrigeration systems within multiple hospitals across the South of England.

Through Northern Mechanical Services, we will increase the maintenance and repair support provided to Bradford Royal Infirmary and St Luke’s Hospital, where the team has recently worked on the refurbishment of Ward 22 and various other air conditioning projects within the Bradford NHS property portfolio.

Andrew Pinder, our founder and director commented: “When we first completed a small maintenance project at the BRI in 2018, we knew that it was the start of a fruitful relationship.

“The team at Northern Mechanical Services not only had values which aligned to ours, but they also demonstrated a similar work ethic.

“Three years later, we’ve increased the support we provide to them and entered into contracts with other partners working in the healthcare sector who each recognise the importance of having efficient and clean air conditioning and ventilation systems throughout hospitals.”

Russell Ndhlovu, facilities manager at Pall Mall Medical said: “Pinder is a great company we have recently decided to use for all our hospitals – very knowledgeable people with excellent levels of communication from Andrew and the team.

“All appointments were attended on time and in a very professional manner. They were very tidy, and all engineers went above and beyond to work within the restrictions of our hospital’s properties without disruptions to site operations.”

We have been providing HVAC services to clients across the UK since founding in 2016.

Our specialist services include the installation of, and maintenance associated with commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, server room cooling, cellar cooling, cold rooms, and bar and restaurant equipment.

In recent years, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we have witnessed an increase in demand for the maintenance of air conditioning units.

Andrew added: “There’s been a definite increase in demand for maintenance services within the HVAC industry, and I can’t say I am surprised.

“The maintenance of air conditioning units is extremely important for a number of reasons. The first being that units can let off a foul odour if they aren’t regularly cleaned. When air recirculates, bacteria is picked up and caught by the filter and eventually over time, multiplies. When we clean units, we use a specialist anti-bacterial cleaner which prevents this from occurring.

“Another reason is that correct maintenance increases the longevity of units, thus reducing costs for repairs and installations. As a result, units are more efficient.

“I hope that as we begin to emerge from lockdown, people continue to recognise the importance of providing clean air within all environments.”

Take our Air Conditioning or Commercial Refrigeration Healthcheck to see how healthy your equipment is, and to see if it’s due a maintenance check.