Panasonic nanoe™X. Don’t compromise on air quality.

Inhibiting a wide range of bacteria, viruses and odours, nanoe™X provides excellent air quality throughout commercial and residential buildings.

Maximise the freshness of your environment with the latest in purification technology.

We believe high air quality should be the standard. Generating 10 times the amount of OH radicals as the nanoe™, this powerful ionising system helps eliminate stubborn odours and block unwanted bacteria, viruses and allergens. Say goodbye to the dry skin of systems of the past; this water-originated technology helps keep skin moisturised and refreshed. Smaller than steam particles, the nanoe™X particles penetrate deeply into fibres, allowing for highly effective results.

Take a look at how we helped take two holiday rentals to the next level with Panasonic’s Etherea with nanoe™X.

  • Effectively blocks over 10 types of pollen
  • Inhibits common allergens such as household pets and moulds
  • Protects from airborne bacteria and viruses
  • Eliminates common household odours
  • Moisturises skin and hair

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